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The Wrong Crowd: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Sunday 4 August 2013

The Wrong Crowd

Rachael Canning and Hannah Mulder from The Wrong Crowd, whose show ‘Hag’ is showing at Underbelly Cowgate, answer the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz questions.

TW: Tell us about your show in no more than sixty words.
TWC: We’ve re-imagined one of Slavic folklore’s most extraordinary characters, the child-eating hag-witch, Baba Yaga, in a fierce story about what it takes to become yourself. It’ll be a fusion of live action, puppetry, dark humour and singing skulls. If you saw our last show, ‘The Girl With The Iron Claws’, you’ll love this, but don’t bring anyone under ten!

TW: Tell us about one other show you are planning to see this year.
TWC: We’re really looking forward to seeing Theatre Ad Infinitum’s new show, ‘Ballad Of The Burning Star’, after their beautiful tear-jerker ‘Translunar Paradise’, which we saw at the Fringe in 2011.

TW: What’s your best piece of advice for Edinburgh first-time fringe-goers?
TWC: Take a punt on watching some things you’d never usually go to – some comedy circus opera fusion – and ask people in the long queues what they’re going to see.

TW: What have you done to prepare for your Edinburgh show?
TWC: We’ve been brewing this show for eighteen months, so lots of imagining, followed by lots of making!

TW: Scotland’s got an important referendum coming up, if you could instigate your own referendum, what would it be on?
TWC: Should witchcraft be taught in primary schools?

‘Hag’ was performed at Underbelly Cowgate at Edinburgh Festival 2013.