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The Road That Wasn’t There (Trick of the Light / Zanetti Productions)

By | Published on Sunday 20 August 2017

After last year’s well-intentioned but underwhelming musical, Trick of the Light have returned to form with this gorgeous show, all about tall tales and fabulous fabrications. They use live actors, along with visually stunning puppets and shadow puppetry, to tell the story of a young man’s attempts to stop his mother’s “odd” behaviours, and of the mother’s attempts to make him believe her improbable stories. We travel with the puppets up a “paper road” to a mystical land full of surprises. All three actors are wonderfully witty and playful, portraying a range of well-defined characters, though the performances always feel sympathetic to the subject matter. This is beautiful storytelling – lyrical, poignant and mysterious – which might just leave you believing the unbelievable.

Assembly Roxy, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 5/5