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The Marked (Theatre Temoin)

By | Published on Sunday 21 August 2016

The Marked Ed2016

This empathetic story about London’s homeless has been brought to life with care, honesty and sensitivity. The lonely protagonist Jack is faced with unfortunate struggle against the demons of his past. These demons appear in flashbacks, as masked characters, and in the present story as he fights to push them away. The show includes wondrous magical elements, such as the dustbin transforming into a tent, monstrous creatures appearing from the darkness, and characters switching from demon to human. The ultimate shock was to discover that the show is performed by just three actors, proving an unbelievable amount of stamina and force. A marvellous journey, which ended too quickly. I only wish I could see it again!

Pleasance Dome, until 29 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 ⎪ [Lucrezia Pollice]