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The Kingston University Brass Ensemble (Kingston University)

By | Published on Thursday 17 August 2017

Matt Bell is a fine tuba player – and that’s not all I learned during this concert from Kingston students and alumni; compositions by performers Ryan Sayce and Alex F Lopez stood up well amongst the covers. Chris Hazzell’s ‘Three Brass Cats’ finale ‘Borage’ (a sound portrait of a party cat) really swung, and Gershwin’s ‘I Got Plenty O’Nuttin’ was another well-executed foot-tapper. A Fantasia from Baroque composer Bassano appealed to me particularly and I enjoyed the contrast of styles. Geert Rigters sang two show tunes including ‘Corner of the Sky’ from ‘Pippin’ and displayed excellent teamwork with accompanist Kris Rawlinson. Varied and bold, this programme showcased the University’s music department to good effect.

St Giles Cathedral.
tw rating 3/5 | [Louise Rodgers]