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The Inevitable Quiet Of The Crash (Leoe & Hyde in association with FoxTale Productions)

By | Published on Saturday 19 August 2017

A man’s sudden death in a train crash fractures the lives of three women – his fiancé, his lover and his mother – in this new musical that has plenty of ideas but ultimately doesn’t cohere in a satisfying way. We learn little about Alex, the dead man, and the few things we do glean (like his infidelity) make him sound quite an unpleasant person. The show never addresses this, and it makes the women’s grief hard to invest in. The decision to have the three characters never interact is an odd one, especially given that two of them had been kept secret from one another. Despite three enormously talented singers and an interesting score, it just never quite pulls you in emotionally.

C Royale, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Jon Stapley]