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The Boy With Tape On His Face: Photo Interview

By | Published on Tuesday 6 August 2013

Having wowed the crowds and picked up the Panel Prize from the Edinburgh Comedy Awards last August, The Boy With Tape On His Face brings back his show ‘More Tape’ to the Pleasance Courtyard this year, each night (except 12, 13 Aug) at 9.40pm.
We took the opportunity to throw some questions in his general direction, each of which he answered with, well, tape on his face…

TW: You’re back for another Fringe, how does that make you feel? 

Tape Face 1

TW: It’s a twenty night run – how will feel at the end of that?


TW: What was it like winning the ECA Panel Prize at last year’s Fringe?

Tape Face 3

TW: The award-winning show is back – what’s your favourite moment?

Tape Face 4

TW: There’s audience participation – what pose should they adopt?

Tape Face 5

TW: And after a particularly amusing moment?

Tape Face 6

TW: How do you feel about Edinburgh audiences?

Tape Face 7

TW: And what about Edinburgh’s legendarily erratic weather?

Tape Face 8

TW: What would you do if we tried to get that tape off your face?

Tape Face 9