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Tales Of Vomit, Trash And Broken Glass (Not So Nice! / New Celts Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 17 August 2022

The world is ending. Since the pandemic it’s nice to feel for once it’s only happening on stage. Set in a place ravaged by a neurotoxin, the play follows five couples’ deteriorating relationships during this apocalypse. It is, however, performed by only two actors whose ability to maintain energy and intensity throughout, and portray all of the varied characters, is indicative of their immense talent. The intense emotions and portrayal of crumbling relationships makes it a gripping watch, though towards the end of the play, the differentiation between characters became more blurred and difficult to follow, detracting slightly from the overarching concept. Despite this, the overall effect was still an impressive performance by two very talented actors.

theSpace on the Mile, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Rory McAlpine]