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Stand-up encourages performers to donate unused fringe food to charity

By | Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015


If you, like I, rent a flat in Edinburgh each Festival, and then buy lots of food at the outset with grand plans of cooking healthy dinners every day of the Fringe, and then eat almost exclusively at the Central Fish & Chicken Bar for the month, resulting in a stack of unused food in your rented kitchen, well, comedian Simon Caine (pictured) has come up with a solution.

And if you made it through that long sentence alive, here is Caine’s explanation. “Every year I buy food to eat during Edinburgh and I never get through it all. I either leave it in the place I was staying or throw it away… this is such a waste and has to stop. So I am in contact with a food bank to do a big collection somewhere in the centre of the city”.

Which seems like a very good plan indeed. The Free Festival has organised a collection point for this otherwise wasted food in the courtyard of the Three Sisters on 30 Aug from 10-4pm. Full info here. And now you can carry on with the deep fried Fringe diet at least knowing that healthy food back at the flat won’t go to waste.

Photo by Bella Noell