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Splash Test Dummies (Underbelly)

By | Published on Friday 10 August 2018

This time last year, the Trash Test Dummies were jumping around in bins. Now the same Antipodean acrobat-clowns are lifeguards in a mostly pleasingly anarchic hour, lobbing ‘Baywatch’, Cousteau and water pistols at the fourth wall to see what sticks, all whilst running among the audience or dragging them onstage. Aside from a noticeable sag just after halfway, with some indifferent stagecraft papering thinly over the performers’ well-deserved breather, this show sustains kids’ interest and amusement. It’s not highbrow, but my three-year-old co-reviewer was guffawing at the slapstick tomfoolery. It’s not particularly slick, but we clapped excitedly at the cracking lifts, great unicycling and somewhat variable juggling. Worth dipping a toe, at the very least.

Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]