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Slayer launches new Fringe comedy prize

By | Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bob Slayer

His Fringe programme having generated both an Edinburgh Comedy Award and two Malcolm Hardee Awards last August, Bob Slayer has decided it is he who should be handing out the prizes this year.

And somehow he’s managed to find a gap in the Edinburgh awards spectrum, a prize that celebrates comedians’ knowledge about all things beer. It’s obvious when you think about it. Though presumably any knowledge of a certain Australian lager brand counts against contenders.

“It’s the first proper award judged on proper criteria”, Slayer boasted to ThreeWeeks. “And it also has a proper prize too. The winner will get the chance to brew a beer with BrewDog at Brew HQ and all the worldwide critical acclaim they could ever dream of!”

Every performer at the Fringe was invited to compete, “decent beer credentials” the only entry requirement. And as we went to press some top acts were already lined up to compete for the award at a special show on 20 Aug at 3pm, including Will Hodgson, Tim FitzHigham and Phil Kay.

It’s a line-up that suggests this is, in fact, an area where comics have long wished to prove their worth. “I do believe this will become the highest accolade in comedy”, added Slayer. “I mean, who doesn’t want their own beer?”

The competition will take place at Bob & Miss Behave’s Bookshop, the Fringe venue Slayer is co-running for the second time this year, albeit in a new location. “We had a lovely shop last year, and this year we have gone even better with our lovely spot at the bottom of the Pleasance on Holyrood Rd”.

“We rented an empty space, knocked down walls, pulled up floors, put some stairs into the basement, added toilets and most importantly a vibe that feels far removed from the commercial Fringe. Everyone should pop their head into the Bookshop at least once, and maybe come along for the anarchic, anything goes late night show”.