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Show Me The Money (Paula Varjack)

By | Published on Monday 7 August 2017

Paula Varjack is an artist, writer, filmmaker and actor. For this fast-paced hour, however, she also becomes the spokesperson for struggling twenty-first century artists everywhere, tackling the uncomfortable issue of money. Wasting no time in seizing the attention of her audience, Varjack proceeds to pose the questions that many of us have never considered (or else have avoided asking). The result isn’t a sob story, a lecture, or a dreary monologue, but instead a dynamic expression of ideas, created from both personal experience and over a year of research. Opening both eyes and hearts, this beautifully honest and expertly compiled show offers a new perspective on what it can mean to be “an artist”.

Bedlam Theatre, until 13 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Emily Mildren]