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Short & Curly: The penis on the posters Who Dunnit?

By | Published on Wednesday 13 August 2014

Remember that time Kunt & The Gang distributed cock n ball stickers all over Edinburgh, ensuring every comedian with a poster stuck to a wall now had some male genitalia added to their printed face?

Short & Curly

Well, at least that year it was a ‘thing’. But what if you find some similar graffiti has been added to your 2014 Fringe publicity? What can it mean? Who can be responsible? Short & Curly, in something of a ‘Who Dunnit’ mood this Fringe, consider the suspects.

The Flyerer. Desperate for money before the start of the next academic year, the flyerer accepts work distributing bits of paper for a comedian they are told is amazing but don’t even know. As the heavens open up, passers-by treat them like a lepers, and they see the face of their comedian overlord grinning down at them. As they reach into their pocket for a tissue to blow their cold filled nose they happen upon a black permanent marker pen, and the thought occurs “Perhaps this comedian could do with some genitalia protruding from their forehead?”

The Bitter Comedian. Downtrodden, under-appreciated and under the radar. They look up at the big glossy poster of a more successful comedian grinning down at them. They try to convince a couple to come to see their show because it has a funny pun based on their name… plus it’s free entry. The couple say that they’d love to, but they can’t because they’re off to go and see the big comedian with the huge poster you’re standing in front of. The bitter comedian reaches into his or her pocket for another one of their hastily Photocopied flyers (because their real ones failed to get printed in time for the start of the Fringe) and they happen across a marker pen. “Perhaps this comedian could do with some genitalia entering their mouth…?”.

The Artist. The world is a blank canvas, and the artist has been perfecting the perfect anatomically correct genitalia in school notepads and library books for years. They happen across this comedian’s photo, no one is looking. They reach for their trusty sharpie. “Perhaps I could squeeze a cock and balls into his open hand?”

The Local. Every year they have to put up with this circus of performers descending on their beloved capital city. These exhibitionists getting in the way makes the Local’s blood boil. It’s too busy! Then suddenly this comedian’s face is grinning down on them. It’s time to take matters into their own hands, and the matter is a black permanent marker pen. “Perhaps this comedian could do with a cock and balls entering his ear hole?”

The Reviewer. The editor at Three Festivals Baby has refused a request to publish this Reviewer’s review of a certain comedian where they describe the stand-up with a slang term for the male genitalia. As they see the image of that same comedian grinning down, they reach into their pocket and find a black marker pen. “Perhaps I can give a more succinct review on this poster instead? By drawing a cock and balls spurting into his eye socket?”

Who do YOU think it was?

‘Short & Curly – Who Dunnit?’ was performed at Ciao Roma at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

LINKS: www.shortandcurlycomedy.co.uk