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Short And Curly: The FIVE places that Kevin Spacey would definitely (probably) be seen in Edinburgh

By | Published on Monday 1 August 2016


“Quick changes and even quicker wit” say we of sketch duo Short & Curly. This year they are presenting ‘A Curly Night In’ at Gilded Balloon’s new pay-what-you-want venue. “Join highbrow sketch group member Curly for a relaxing night in with his classic highbrow films”, says the show’s blurb. Kevin Spacey films maybe. Imagine if Kevin Spacey was in town! Where would he go? Short & Curly wonder…

Short: We’ve never met Kevin Spacey, so I think it’s pretty fair to say we know a few things about Kevin Spacey.
Curly: So here’s our list of the hot spots around Edinburgh that you would most definitely (probably) catch him hanging out (if he was in Edinburgh)

Short: As we all know, Kevin is a big fan of rose petals, so where better to go than Rose Street? On a windy day you can watch a plastic bag from McColls floating in the air.
Curly: Like a metaphor for many a performer’s hopes and dreams floating away.

Curly: This is venue number Se7en so obviously it must be Kevin’s favourite. What ever you do never look in the box office.
Short: What’s in the box office?!
Curly: You don’t want to know!

Curly: Obviously Kevin is a big fan of staring at animals, I believe usually it’s goats.
Short: He also likes to stare in movies.
Curly: She means star in movies.
Short: Not when he’s watching them.

Curly: You’ll never see Kevin on the Royal Mile, it’s too crowded for him.
Short: Yeah, we’ve never met him but we assume he’d be walking round shouting “Give me some space! I’m Kevin Spacey, not Kevin No-Spacey”.
Curly: He’d be much more likely to be on the Meadows, because it’s more spacey.

Short: There are now numerous venues offering a pay-what-you-want entry fee for shows. Which is right up Kevin’s street, he loves to pay in new ways. Like Forward.
Curly: One of the venues offering Pay What You Want is the Gilded Balloon Counting House, where you might see Kevin at 1.15pm every day in the Sitting Room.

Short & Curly’s ‘A Curly Night In’ was performed at Gilded Balloon at the Counting House at Edinburgh Festival 2016.