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Short And Curly: A Curly Night In (Short And Curly)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2016

Short & Curly Ed2016

Curly is going to be an actor and he’s going to show us his acting chops while Short helps him out. Using a format of long sketches punctuated by appearances from “the world’s greatest actor Kevin Spacey”, this double act throw everything at it. With loads of prop, costume and physical gags they keep us laughing consistently throughout. In his attempt to demonstrate Curly’s range, the pair parody a number of film genres, coming up with the likes of ’28 Days Later’ musical, and lampooning Batman’s impractical call outs. If you don’t know all of the films you may struggle with some jokes, but there’s plenty that isn’t film related to keep you laughing, not least thanks to these two performers’ endless comic energy.

Gilded Balloon at the Counting House, until 29 Aug
tw rating 4/5 | [Olly Jacques]