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Shame On You! (Arnold and Komarov Travelling Theatre, part of Swiss Selection Edinburgh) 

By | Published on Saturday 6 August 2022

Where does embarrassment end and shame begin? Is one self-generated, the other inflicted? They’re interesting questions, but ones you’ll probably struggle to find answers for in this rather slight offering from Ilja Komarov and Trixa Arnold. Rather than a ‘show’ as such, ‘Shame On You!’ feels more like the performance manifestation of a larger project, collecting confessions of shame from around the world, which Komarov reads out at random, interspersed with songs. While the duo don’t provide much insight into the causes or results of shame, their stories are by turns funny and sad, upsetting and downright outrageous. As part of a bigger project, it’s an intriguing subject. As a show in its own right, it feels rather lightweight. 

Summerhall, until 28 Aug. 
tw rating 2/5 [David Kettle]