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Save + Quit (Hairpin Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 24 August 2016

Save + Quit Ed2016

Sometimes you only need an empty stage and two chairs to create a full city. Set in London and Dublin, ‘Save + Quit’ tells the stories of four people who could well be commuting with you in the morning. With a beautiful script by Sophia Chetin Leuner and incredibly natural, nuanced performances, the lives of these strangers become real on the simple stage. You’ll get drawn into these stories of connections and missed opportunities, moments to “save” and moments to “quit”, which somehow seem to encapsulate the experience of a generation. ‘Save + Quit’ is unexpectedly moving – a confident piece of theatre that reveals its characters’ worlds to the audience through honest, high-rate storytelling.

Assembly George Square, until 29 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Aida Rocci]