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Rayguns Look Real Enough: Heading for the Hall Of Fame?

By | Published on Thursday 21 August 2014

Rayguns Are Real Enough

Rayguns Look Real Enough are back in Edinburgh with their unique blend of mash-up rock and tiger suits (well, just the one tiger suit in fact). And this time they’re heading to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Maybe. Well, they’ve definitely named their show ‘Hall Of Fame’. ThreeWeeks found the band’s stars Ray Gun and Luke Reel at the bar and asked them some quick questions.

CC: So let’s begin at the beginning. How did Rayguns Look Real Enough form?
Luke: I lost my cat and put up posters with my number on. Ray was the only reply.
Ray: I was hungry. And I know how to sing for my supper.

CC: Musically speaking, what do we get? Who are your influences?
Luke: Anything and everything. He hums it. I play it.
Ray: If you listen closely to our show, you may notice a Michael Jackson theme.
Luke: Though not entirely intentional. Personally I’d like more Metallica.
Ray: Never gonna happen.

CC: You call yourself a mash-up rock band. How do you go about putting your songs together? What’s the process?
Ray: As a rule, we like to sit in the sunshine, open a few beers and then annoy the neighbours.
Luke: Annoy? They get a free fricking gig!
Ray: Oh yeah. You’re right. I’ll pop an invoice in their letterbox when we get back.

CC: What’s your best ever mash-up combination?
Ray: It has to be Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Know’ with PJ and Duncan’s ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’.
Luke: Turns out that Ant and Dec really help accentuate the pain that Alanis felt at the time…Psych!

CC: What happens in ‘Hall of Fame’?
Luke: It highlights our struggle to achieve the infamy we rightly deserve.
Ray: And I get to grind my crotch in women’s faces.

CC: Is it really the voice of Lionel Blair that we hear?
Luke: Yeah. He was riding the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ wave and thought that being involved with the Rayguns would further his career.
Ray: Let’s face it, he needed the boost.

CC: You say your bid for rock infamy features throughout the show. Any tips for how we could achieve rock infamy?
Ray: I have a detailed manual in my dressing room. You should come and take a look after this interview is over… I also have a vibrating sofa.
Luke: He has back problems.
Ray: Having a good figure is very important. My work-out regime is a closely guarded secret.
Luke: Deep fried haggis is not what I’d call a secret. My tip is to learn to appreciate black clothes.

CC: How are Fringe audiences reacting to the show? What keeps you coming back to the Festival?
Luke: They’re reacting superbly. Quite humbling in fact. It makes my guy-liner run.
Ray: They’re the reason we come back… them and the Cheesee Peasee Cheese Van.
Luke: Is that another “closely guarded secret”?
Ray: I makes me want to comté back to the Festival.
Luke: *face palms*

CC: There are fewer music types here this Festival. How would you persuade other rock stars to come to the Fringe? Who would you like to see performing here?
Ray: I would love to see Top Cat dressed as Tony The Tiger Sings Tiger Feet… at Tiger Tiger.
Luke: Oh God.
Ray: On a split bill with Bill Murray reads Garfield Live!
Luke: My dream is to see Morrissey do a one man show ‘My Crying Falafel’, in a Yurt
Ray: I. Would. Hate. That.
Luke: Uncultured swine!

‘Hall Of Fame’ was performed at The Voodoo Rooms at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

LINKS: www.raygunslookrealenough.com

Photo: Rich Dyson