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Quick Quiz: Goose

By | Published on Monday 14 August 2017

This August the Edinburgh Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have asked a plethora of performers about their personal Fringe experiences. Today TW comedy favourites Goose.

TW: What was your first ever experience of the Edinburgh Fringe?
G: Arriving in Edinburgh zombiefied after the night bus. We learnt our lesson and never got that bus again. Now we get zombiefied by the general pressure.

TW: What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe?
G: The very first run of the Horne Section, in the Queen Dome I think. If I remember rightly it featured the likes of Tim Key, Mark Watson and Bo Burnham. Magical stuff.

TW: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe – so bad it was good? 
G: Some flyering shticks are utterly woeful!

TW: Which of the Fringe shows you performed in do you most fondly remember – and why?
G: We reckon they’ve got more fun as each year has gone by. Audiences reckon we peaked two years ago.

TW: Name a Fringe performer – past or present – who you’d like to join on stage?
G: We’ve slowly been stealing Gein’s Family Giftshop and putting them in our shows. It would be fun to get them all onstage at one point.

TW: Other than performing and seeing shows, what is your favourite thing to do in Edinburgh during August?
G: We’ve got a bath this year. It’s been put through its paces.

Goose show ‘Amphetawaltz’ was performed at Assembly George Square Gardens at Edinburgh Festival 2017.