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Quick Quiz: Gein’s Family Giftshop

By | Published on Friday 18 August 2017

This August the Edinburgh Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have asked a plethora of performers about their personal Fringe experiences. Today sketch comedy stars Gein’s Family Giftshop.

TW: What was your first ever experience of the Edinburgh Fringe?
GFG: Turning up at the pub with our props and costumes and asking where the theatre was, to have the barman point at a low plinth in the corner of the bar. They also banned Ed’s penis from the venue two days in, but luckily he’s a smart cookie and managed to smuggle it in every day in his pocket.

TW: What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe?
GFG: The creation of the Mexican chicken and falafel wrap at BaGet Stuffed on Nicolson Street. It’s brilliant. And the guy who owns the place is the nicest man in the whole world, which is quite a talent. And they also have a kick ass selection of drinks. And if he’d like to sponsor our tour we’d be down for it, just drop us an email, or DM us, or talk to us face-to-face whenever we call in for a Mexican chicken and falafel wrap, mate.

TW: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe – so bad it was good?
GFG: People reviewing shows.

TW: Which of the Fringe shows you performed in do you most fondly remember – and why?
GFG: ‘Volume 1’ was pretty spesh, because we were (and very much are) just three idiots in PE kits with a fourth person telling us not to self indulge too much, and then we had an absolute dream of a run, the best room and the best audiences. And it was the first time we had a Mexican chicken and falafel wrap at BaGet Stuffed on Nicolson Street. Everything came together.

TW: Name a Fringe performer – past or present – who you’d like to join on stage?
GFG: Adam Rowley from ‘This is Not Culturally Significant’.

TW: Other than performing and seeing shows, what is your favourite thing to do in Edinburgh during August?
GFG: Walking up Arthurs seat, Mexican chicken and falafel wrap in hand, plonking our butts down and watching the sun rise on the beautiful bay- oh, it’s not the sun, it’s a nuke, the crazy bastard (Corbyn) has pushed the button.

Gein’s Family Giftshop performed ‘Volume 3’ at Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2017.

Photo: Drew Forsyth