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Quick Quiz: Colin Mochrie

By | Published on Tuesday 1 August 2017

This August the Edinburgh Festival celebrates its 70th anniversary. To mark the occasion, we have asked a plethora of performers about their personal Fringe experiences.
To kick us off, the cast of the iconic improv show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ get all nostalgic as they return to the Edinburgh stage once again. Today, Colin Mochrie.

TW: What was you first ever experience of the Edinburgh Fringe?
CM: My first experience in the Fringe was performing with Steve Frost, Steve Steen, Andy Smart, Jim Sweeney and Richard Vranch around 1998. Except for the fact that we kept smacking our heads into the lights that were hanging from the low ceiling (except for Steen), it went beautifully. As I recall, I was exceptionally funny.

TW: What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe?
CM: I could not possibly pick one show. Over the years I have been at the Fringe I’ve been amazed at musicals, dance pieces, stand-up, sketch, improv. So let’s get back to me. The best thing I ever performed was Kenneth Williams as a dinosaur.

TW: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen performed at the Fringe – so bad it was good?
CM: It wasn’t officially a Fringe show, but there was a street performer performing Beatles songs and I am fairly certain that English was not his first language. Either that or I have previously totally misheard ‘The Tong And Winding Rote’.

TW: Which of the Fringe shows you performed in do you most fondly remember – and why?
CM: The first one with the guys. It introduced me to the Fringe, the city, ten hour poker games and liver abuse.

TW: Name a Fringe performer – past or present – who you’d love to see participating in ‘Whose Line?’
CM: John Cleese. I think he’d be great because… he’s John Cleese.

TW: Other than performing and seeing shows, what is your favourite thing to do in Edinburgh during August?
CM: Catching up with the friends I’ve made over the years, meeting the new talent, and to just sit and stare at the castle. In my city, we have a sign celebrating the first air mail letter delivered. Not quite the same.

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Live At The Fringe’ was performed at the Assembly Rooms at Edinburgh Festival 2017.