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Power Play: Somebody (Power Play Theatre and Matilda Curtis)

By | Published on Friday 17 August 2018

Girl traces her life backwards through the flat in which the play is set, from an adult woman with a marriage proposal and an uncertain future, back to the site of a trauma she experienced as a ten year old. As a child, Girl believes she can do anything; as an adult, she is powerless – life has boxed her in. I resent the fact that Girl has no name, that she seems to have no choice in her own life and that she spends most of the play talking about men, leaving us wondering about the much more interesting and complex relationships with her mother and best friend. Dani Moseley gives a wonderfully intimate performance, but this script lacks the power it promises.

Pleasance Pop-Up: Power Play HQ, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Marni Appleton]