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Poetry Corner #04: by Dan Simpson and Oli Forsyth from Stand Up & Slam!

By | Published on Wednesday 12 August 2015

Stand Up & Slam

ThreeWeeks invites Fringe-favourite poets to put some words to paper – or a portable device of their choosing – to entertain you here in Poetry Corner. This time, Dan Simpson and Oli Forsyth, the resident poets on the Stand Up & Slam! show.

All The Fun of the Fringe
Roll up roll up! Board your train
head to Scotland to find your fame
three weeks spent in pouring rain
the sweat and blood and flyering pain.

Your show’s a hit – but no one comes
two days into your first full run
Facebook reads: “I’m having fun!”
tearful calls to Dad and Mum.

You’ve lost your phone, your mind, your money
but Three Weeks says: “the show’s quite funny”
the clouds part: it’s suddenly sunny
fix your voice with lemon and honey.

You win awards – start feeling fine
your queue has grown to quite a line
pack up your bags – scrub off the grime
tell everyone you’re back next time.

‘Stand Up & Slam’ was performed as part of PBH’s Free Fringe at Edinburgh Festival 2015.