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Poetry Corner #03: by Clair Whitefield

By | Published on Monday 10 August 2015

Clair Whitefield

ThreeWeeks invites Fringe-favourite poets to put some words to paper – or a portable device of their choosing – to entertain you here in Poetry Corner. This time, Clair Whitefield, whose show ‘Chopping Chillies’ is on at Cowgatehead.

Flyers, a dozen handed to you in less than half a mile
Turn it over in your hand, take a deep breath and smile
That’s quite an accomplishment you’re holding
Because it’s actually quite hard
Distilling live performance onto a piece of A5 card

A show isn’t one image, some quotes or a glistening review
A row of black stars supported by a soundbite or two
It’s not an elevator pitch written for a commercial goal
Or a string of clichés trying to dodge a pigeon hole
You can’t measure its impact in GSM
Or know from the font if it’s a turkey or a gem
Or how it’ll make feel from the finish: gloss or matte
No, a flyer won’t tell you any of that

Ideally I’d tell you about my show via a cosy tete- a- tete
And encourage you to watch it if you haven’t seen it yet
I’d buy you a cup of tea and debate with you why mine
-Of all of the shows at Fringe- would be worth your time

But I can’t meet you all in person, so I shall tell you in writing:
My show is like the Karate Kid, but with food not fighting
A tale of love, loss, unlikely friendships and second chances
Featuring a martial artist, a naïve chef and an escort who loves samba dances
Their lives intertwine in unexpected ways and one day they all meet
In a tiny cobblers shop in the middle of Camden high street

My flyer is orange, the main picture is of me
Posing with a chilli and smiling cheekily
My brother designed it. If you like it, that’s down to him
And I’ll thank him too, if you come see the show I’m in

‘Chopping Chillies’ was performed as part of PBH’s Free Fringe at Edinburgh Festival 2015.