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Poetry Corner #02: by Jennie Benton Smith (Class 10B)

By | Published on Friday 31 July 2015

Jennie Benton Smith

ThreeWeeks invites Fringe-favourite poets to put some words to paper – or a portable device of their choosing – to entertain you here in Poetry Corner. Today, Jennie Benton Smith. She’s from Class 10B.

Eating a fry up in City Cafe
I’m very glad my mum is away
If she was here she’d have made me choose Quiche
But luckily for me I’ve found my niche
Up here in the Edinburgh Fringe.
I love it so much I’ll never whinge.
I’ll always be happy, I’ll never feel low
Two flyers given away and only 9,998 to go!
Walking past the purple cow
I wonder what will happen now
Probably I’ll get an album deal or a TV show
Dad says it’s unlikely but YOU NEVER KNOW
Is what I shout at him every day
If I say it loud enough he might go away!
Sitting in the Pleasance Dome
with the murals of people I’ve never known
Flicking through a rain soddened pamphlet
A comedian goes past me, cries and is sick.
He looks like he wants to kill himself so I say “Cheer up!”
And he mutters “Long-list” … ”1 star”… And “Fuck”
Coming out of a free fringe show
I put a badge in a bucket because you never know
They might not want to be paid in money
The show was about socialism and was really funny
So it seems like the right thing to do
I zip up my anorak & I’m off to the Zoo!
The venue, not the one with animals in
To watch some physical theatre involving a bin
And a man who are having a love affair
It’s very moving and I realise I care
Much more about hygiene than I did before
I get back to my youth hostel and clean the floor.
From the window of H&M in Princess street
I think about all the people I’ll meet
If I ever manage to get in to Brooks Bar
Jimmy or Alan or any of the Carrs!!!
Such idle things!
Up here in the Burgh
But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Jennie Benton Wordsmith, Underbelly Med Quad, from 5 until 31 Aug

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