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Poesie Geht Ohne Schuh (Poetry Walks Without Shoes) (Christoph Hilger and Janet de Vigne)

By | Published on Thursday 10 August 2023

This began well. Christoph Hilger, a successful artist in his native Germany, explained how important poetry was to him and that he had set his favourites to music in the hope that we may one day understand them without knowing German. The poets are well known for being used by composers such as Schubert. So we had the riches of the greats including Goethe, Mueller and Rilke and lovely interpretive dance along with Hilger’s delicate guitar and de Vigne’s beautiful voice. Why didn’t I enjoy it more? It was the long, rambling explanations about why he had chosen each poem. Thirteen of them. It rather took the shine off a sincere, original concert – the music could have said it all.

Old St Paul’s Church, 7-11 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Louise Rodgers]