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Photo Shoot: KlangHaus

By | Published on Friday 8 August 2014

The Neutrinos have teamed up with artist and designer Sal Pittman to create a unique live music experience, reinventing what a gig can be in Summerhall’s Small Animal Hospital. Read the interview here, and check out some pictures of the KlangHaus crew in the confines of their stark performance space. 


Describing the show: We like to call this work ‘site-responsive’ if that doesn’t sound too pretentious. We try to imagine the soundworld from our first site visit: listening to the acoustics of the various rooms – in this case we’ve got twelve and they’re all markedly different – trying to feel the architecture and the geometry of the building.


On playing with the building: Collaborating with the building is essentially a playful process and one of cooperative exploration, discovery and honing around a shared aesthetic or vision.


And on their Fringe 2014 space: As soon as we saw the Small Animal Hospital we knew that we wanted to adapt the show, because the rooms reflect so much of where we’re at sonically and visually. And this seemed like a natural progression after our residency at London’s Horse Hospital.

‘KlangHaus’ was performed at Summerhall at Edinburgh Festival 2014.