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Photo Shoot: Dan Clark

By | Published on Monday 18 August 2014

Dan Clark is back at the Fringe with his first full Edinburgh run in seven years. To celebrate we catch up with him in our Week Three edition later this week, and ahead of that we tracked the man himself down at the Pleasance Dome to take some photos.

Dan Clarke

“My show is mostly about having been single for almost twelve years and what it’s like being a bachelor at 38. Hence the title ‘Me, My Selfie and I’. Although I now wish I had named it after one of my jokes where I confess to having written a book called ‘12 Years A Slag’”.

Dan Clark

“I hadn’t done stand-up in quite a while. I fell out of love with it. I was literally on the verge of quitting. But I did a gig in March as a favour to a friend and it was amazing. I’d forgotten how much I loved and missed it”.

Dan Clark

“Nowhere else in the entertainment business do you feel quite as in competition with so many other things”.

‘Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie And I’ was performed at the Pleasance Dome at Edinburgh Festival 2014.