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Photo Shoot: Claustrophobia

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

We spoke to Jason Hewitt, the writer behind the play ‘Claustrophobia’, in the Week Two edition of ThreeWeeks. And at the same time we sent our photographer down to capture the show’s cast on camera. Here are a few of the pictures he took.


The original idea was a very simple one about two strangers in a lift. But from there it’s been developed over many rewrites into something a lot more psychological and more challenging for the audience to watch”.


“We only ever get to hear snippets of their stories though, and it is left to the audience to piece the puzzle together”.


“We have two brilliant actors in ‘Claustrophobia’ and both have reduced me to tears during rehearsals with the power with which they have brought to life some of the words I have written. It’s a thrill to watch”.

‘Claustrophobia’ was performed at Zoo at Edinburgh Festival 2014.