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Photo Shoot: Axis Of Awesome

By | Published on Tuesday 5 August 2014

The first ThreeWeeks cover stars of 2014 are the marvellous Axis Of Awesome. We locked the guys in the Loft Bar at the Gilded Balloon to fire some questions in their general direction, and took some photos while we were at it.

Axis of Awesome Photo Shoot 1

On forming the band: “We all auditioned separately for ‘The X-Factor’ but Simon Cowell said we weren’t good enough individually. So he suggested we form a band, and now three number-one albums, seven world tours and millions of pounds later, here we are!”

Axis of Awesome Photo Shoot 2

On their YouTube phenomenon ‘Four Chords’: “We’re at peace with the fact that people want to hear it live. It’s still a lot of fun to perform and it solves the tricky problem of how to end our show”

Axis of Awesome Photo Shoot 3

On their new show ‘Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas’: “We have a big banner that features fire and lightning. We have a keyboard, two guitars, a jug, a couple of cool hats, some radical dancing, a Benny, a fake beard, lots of awesome lights and a bunch of new songs”.

Axis Of Awesome Photo Shoot 4

Says their official show blurb this year: “‘YouTube sensations’ (Age) ‘are the best in the business’ (Herald Sun). ‘Catchy tunes’ (List) ‘that tear the place apart’ (Scotsman), ‘they deliver awesomeness’ (NZ… ) ‘not content’ (Advertiser) with ‘sold out’ (Chortle.co.uk) ‘originality’ (Fest), ‘the Axis of Awesome’ (ScotsGay) ‘is’ (Time Out) ‘a trio’ (Daily Express)”

Axis Of Awesome Photo Shoot 5

We’re particularly impressed with Time Out’s accolade there. What words are the guys hoping for in their reviews this year? “We could us a lot more conjunctions – some ands, ins and buts would be helpful for stringing together blurbs. Also ‘fresh’, ‘hip’, and ‘groovy’”.

‘The Axis of Awesome: Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas’ was performed at the Gilded Balloon at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

LINKS: www.axisofawesome.net