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Paul Foot: Swan Power (IMWP)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2022

With absolutely nothing about swans or from the blurb description at all, Foot nevertheless manages a tour de force. Haughty complaints, disturbances and rants about conservation, TV presenters and the RNLI quickly escalate from zingers into surreal carnage, mayhem and audience-haranguing prolonged ad libs. “What a mess!” With all the idiosyncratic power of a dance workshop delivered by an obsessive who regularly writes in to local newspapers, it’s not a themed show, but a set of sets well-polished, structured and pointed enough not to matter. Later, Foot fights controversy with controversy, tackling genocide, statues and trolling to lambast society’s real charlatans. Jaws will drop, but he’s on our side. Fans of Key, Lee, Sadowitz, and general sickos alike, will love it.

Underbelly Cowgate until 28 Aug
tw rating 4/5 | [Richard Tyrone Jones]