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Paper Hearts The Musical (Moon Rock Productions)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2016

Paper Hearts the Musical Ed2016

‘Paper Hearts’ tells the intertwined love stories of aspiring writer Atticus and his fictional creations, Issak and Yanna. The plot is not completely new – ‘You’ve Got Mail’ already featured a love story/business rivalry between a small independent bookstore owner and the head of a bookshop chain. But ‘Paper Hearts’ ticks all the boxes of both romantic comedies and musicals; it has the sass, the backing singers, the devastating revelations that make love impossible. Its originality is more in the relationship between the two plots and the way the characters in Atticus’ mind are brought to life on stage. The music is great and the cast is dynamic – lead Sinéad Wall has a formidable presence. Not exactly groundbreaking, but fun, energetic, touching and very enjoyable.

Underbelly Med Quad, until 29 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Pénélope Hervouet]