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Pale Imitation Festival 2014 line-up announced

By | Published on Tuesday 22 July 2014

Pale Imitation

The founder of the Edinburgh-based Song, By Toad record label and music blog, Matthew Young, has announced that the Pale Imitation Festival will return to this August, running a series of reasonably priced gigs during the Fringe.

Launched last year, Pale Imitation will again showcase some of Scotland’s finest independent musical talent at Henry’s Cellar Bar, plus there will be one show – Meursault’s farewell gig – at the Queen’s Hall. That show will cost £12, but all the others will be priced at £5, with £25 buying you a pass to all ten shows at Henry’s Cellar Bar. Which is pretty good value we think.

Explaining the thinking behind Pale Imitation, Young told ThreeWeeks: “I like the Edinburgh Festival, I really do. Or at least I try. There’s lots of awesome stuff happening, but there is also a massive, stifling avalanche of over-priced, imported rubbish which smothers everything in the city and dominates the press and makes it almost impossible to do anything at all in music except sit back for six weeks and wait for it to be over. And being a bloody-minded little shit, I don’t accept that”.

You can read more from Matthew in this interview he did ahead of the first Pale Imitation last year. And here’s the full line-up of shows coming to Edinburgh this August:

2 Aug: Adam Stafford, Le Thug & Duchess
7 Aug: The Leg, Now Wakes The Sea & one more TBC
9 Aug: The Yawns, Sharptooth & alansmithee
13 Aug: Meursault & Plastic Animals: Queen’s Hall
14 Aug: Deathcats, Garden Of Elks & Passion Pusher
16 Aug: Jonnie Common, Jesus H. Foxx & Andrew R. Burns
21 Aug: Rick Redbeard, Siobhan Wilson (Ella The Bird) & Kitchen Cynics
23 Aug: LAW, Numbers Are Futile & Wozniak
28 Aug: eagleowl, Ian Humberstone & Smackvan
30 Aug: PAWS, Halfrican & Et Tu Brute!!!

LINKS: songbytoad.com/2014/07/pale-imitation-festival-2014