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Otto & Astrid’s Joint Solo Project

By | Published on Thursday 17 August 2023

There’s something of a story so far here, in that the on-stage bickering that has always been a key feature of the sibling duo that is Die Roten Punkte has finally spiralled into a full-on split. And so, what we have here is two solo shows, that happen to be occurring on the same stage at the same time. Past knowledge of Die Roten Punkte isn’t really necessary though, plenty of the audience seemed to be experiencing Otto and Astrid’s adventures for the first time and they picked up on the premise almost immediately. The bickering provides a lot of the comedy and the solo project ruse is a good framework around which to bicker. Though Otto and Astrid still remember to ensure that the songs are sufficiently catchy and well performed to make for a consistently entertaining show. Well, technically two shows, I guess.

Assembly George Square Gardens, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Chris Cooke]