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Nowt As Queer As Folk (Coast To Coast)

By | Published on Sunday 19 August 2018

In this remote, sleepy little Southern village, filled with English pleasantries like pale ale and a gardening committee club, their peaceful haven is about to be disrupted by the local county council, as plans to build more housing send the villagers into a state of turmoil. Feuds will ensue, lies will be told, and people will get hurt. It’s all rather silly, and the cast does a great job at lifting the farce with their high-energy performances and deadly serious commitment to the mundanities of village drama. Although the script is ultimately a bit lacking- jokes with varying levels of hilarity are repeated to the point of tedium – it’s still a good bit of fun, painting an amusing pastiche of that ever-so-British village life.

theSpace on the Mile, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Amy Bonar]