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Notorious Strumpet and Dangerous Girl (Love Is the Drug)

By | Published on Sunday 26 August 2018

If, like some people (who definitely aren’t me), your last day without a drink was sometime in July, this late night show might make you slightly uncomfortable. Exploring her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, within the framework of a very messy AA meeting, Jess Love is a captivating performer with a compelling story. She addresses her audience directly, switching between chatty familiarity and almost painfully intense confessional. Though her circus skills are undoubtedly impressive, at times we seem to be watching more of an endurance test than a demonstration of talent, as Love pushes herself to exhaustion. This dark, engrossing tale makes you question what happens when the greasepaint is wiped off, and the fun stops.

Summerhall, until 26 Aug.
tw rating 4/5