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Noose Women (Bear Faced Moon Company and New Celts Productions)

By | Published on Sunday 27 August 2017

In our fame-obsessed world, where the likes of ‘Love Island’ and ‘Big Brother’ dominate our screens, it doesn’t seem infeasible that reality TV could go down some darker routes, just to maintain those high viewer ratings. This is the idea that ‘Noose Women’ explores, as a cult leader proposes an extreme, gruesome dating show to two cut-throat producers. The concept? Women sacrificing themselves on live television, with death as a gateway to reaching the cult’s promised Heaven. It’s a grizzly, and undeniably gripping premise, but ultimately, fails to deliver. A combination of a jarring script, one-dimensional characters, and some unconvincing performances results in a dystopian tale that sets out to shock, but ends up dragging and feeling underwhelming.

theSpace On The Mile.
tw rating 2/5 | [Amy Bonar]