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Malcolm Hardee Award organisers announce week of stuff for Fringe 2011

By | Published on Sunday 7 August 2011

Malcolm Hardee Week

Organisers of the rather marvellous Malcolm Hardee Comedy Awards, held each Fringe in celebration of the late, great godfather of alternative comedy from which they take their name, will stage a whole week of events for this year’s Festival. Though two days will be mainly focused on spaghetti juggling.

Earlier in the week awards organiser John Fleming, who co-wrote Hardee’s excellent autobiography ‘I Stole Freddie Mercury’s Birthday Cake’, will chair two Punch-Up Debates, on 22 and 23 Aug at The Hive at 6.15pm. Each day two comedy types will debate respectively: “comedians are psychopathic masochists with a death wish” and “racist or sexist jokes? It doesn’t matter if they’re funny!”

It’s Wednesday and Thursday of that week when Fringe performers and audience members will be invited to take part in the first ever annual Malcolm Hardee Spaghetti Juggling Contest, which is apparently being organised by an ex-‘Tiswas’ researcher no less.

Full info about the awards and other Malcolm Hardee honouring events, which are being staged as part of the Free Festival, are online www.malcolmhardee.co.uk/award or, maintaining the Hardee tradition, can be found at the start of the comedy section of the Fringe programme, each event being preceded, as it is, with the word AAAAAAAAAAAAARGHH!