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Morale Is High (Since We Gave Up Hope) (Powder Keg)

By | Published on Monday 7 August 2017

This wild performance is a menagerie of jokes, political polemic, live music and Mancunians and, while scruffy, the show offers irrepressible fun. The central theme is essentially a political one and, through various time travelling hijinks, the two performers describe the growing social and political issues in Britain. Overall the show feels cluttered and unfocused, but this is remedied by the spirited chemistry between the two performers: it’s this energetic and comic double act routine that propels the show forward. Other highlights include a funny ‘The Great Dictator’ style lampooning of Michael Gove (Prime Minister in 2020) and a powerful, poignant story about automation destroying working class jobs. ‘Morale Is High’ offers a mixed bag, but an entertaining one.

Northern Stage @ Summerhall, until 20 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [James Napleton]