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Michael Kunze: Infinity Mirror (Michael Kunze / Free Festival)

By | Published on Thursday 10 August 2023

It’s hard to embrace your true self but Michael Kunze has embraced his as a great sketch comedian. In ‘Infinity Mirror’ he plays Mitchell Coony, a famous actor being asked to be more of his authentic self on a podcast. He discusses the roles he’s played, with highlights being Lil Sneezy, a cowboy (our improv character) and the final surprise. Compared to other sketch shows, it stands out with its iconic characters and Michael’s excellent portrayal. It’s rough around the edges, however, and I found myself giggling but not in hysterics, though the musical numbers are the standout. With small adjustments to the writing, this could be a truly great collection of skits, but overall still an amusing 45 mins of comedy.

Laughing Horse @ The Three Sisters, until 22 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Andrew Melrose]