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Megalith (Mechanimal)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2022

A duet between the performer and the sound artist, they play with powerful sound and chaotic movement. From frustrating tech set-up to smashing rocks, ‘Megalith’ takes the audience on a journey connecting the material with the physical. With a strong opening and a haunting beautiful ending, it’s just unfortunate that the middle of the performance merged into a confused mess of repetitive sounds and visuals. There were several points throughout where I thought I’d understood what was happening, a metaphor of the Western need to win, to push forward. A deconstruction of our technological progression. But honestly, I’m not sure I ever did. There’s something mesmerising about ‘Megalith’ but the lack of a clear through line made it ultimately disappointing.

Zoo Southside, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Raphael Highgate-Betts]