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Materia (Aurora Nova and Andrea Salustri) 

By | Published on Sunday 7 August 2022

Spare a thought for the venue cleaners. There’s a whole floorful of debris following Andrea Salustri’s hour spent cracking, burning, crumbling and blowing polystyrene around the performing space. It’s all in the cause, though, of his exquisitely beautiful, strangely moving hour of object theatre, in which his polystyrene globes, sheets and miniature particles take on lives of their own, coaxed into being by a few whirring fans and the subtle movements of the performer’s hands. Things take a destructive turn in the show’s sonically ambitious climax, but it’s to Salustri’s credit that by then, we’ve built up affection for these apparently living objects. Great for kids, mesmerising for grown-ups, this is a powerful, captivating way to begin your Fringe day. 

Summerhall, until 14 Aug. 
tw rating 4/5 | [David Kettle]