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Massive Dad: A Question For Three

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

Massive Dad

We put the same question to all three members of a Fringe trio. This time Massive Dad. The question: What is the best life advice you’ve ever been given?

STEVIE MARTIN: The best life advice I’ve ever received was from an old willow tree. She said “Que que na-to-ra, you will understand; Listen to your heart, you will understand; Let it break upon you like a wave upon the sand; Listen to your heart, you will understand”. There was lots of repetition. I didn’t get what she was saying at the time, probably because we all know that trees are full of shit, but now I see that it’s all about going with the flow. For example, I quit my job to come to Edinburgh and, instead of enjoying myself here, I’m constantly terrified of the moment it ends when I have to go back to real life. We should all let it break upon us like waves upon the sand and accept that trees give great advice. (This is based on the popular Disney film ‘Pocahontas’ by the way. I’m not high).

LIZ SMITH: I’m a big advocator of the saying ‘Never Apologise, Never Explain’. Especially if you’ve chosen to perform comedy, because apologising and explaining come very naturally. Particularly if your friends have come all the way to Edinburgh to support you, and have caught the show on a “quiet” day. In MD we operate a strict close-ranks policy. Other than that, my mother once told me to play Monopoly with any man I’m thinking of marrying. I think the idea is to test what they’re like in the property market. But my mum isn’t married and doesn’t own any property.

TESSA COATES: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus. Brush your teeth. Get plenty of vitamins. Stop telling people your style icon is Miss Honey. For heaven’s sake, buy some proper shoes. Will you stop trying to eat that. Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room. Seriously, put down that croissant, you’re allergic to wheat. Be with someone who gives you the same feeling as when you see your food coming in a restaurant. Go big or go home. And something about carrying a pig up a mountain, which I have forgotten, but which I like to think was about taking the first step, no matter how far away your destination feels.

Massive Dad performed at the Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2014.