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Martin Urbano: Apology Comeback Tour

By | Published on Thursday 17 August 2023

I was definitely interested in speaking to Martin Urbano about his show as soon as I heard about it, and for a number of reasons. As you know, I’m always interested in new blood, and this comedian is an Edinburgh first timer, on loan from the USA. 

The NY-based performer steps into the persona of a (possibly?) cancelled comedian, who needs to make amends for past wrongs, and I suspect this might be mildly confusing for some if you come to it cold. But, you know, you won’t be coming to it cold, if you read this Q&A. So, let’s go.  

CM: Okay, first question: What does Martin Urbano have to apologise for?
MU: In my show I’m doing a satirical take on what it means for an entertainer to be making their ‘apology comeback’.

The idea that someone had a public controversy, regarding maybe some comments or tweets, and, of course, the MeToo movement. And much like with other people’s apology comebacks, that section is only a brief part of the show.

Because it’s better to address it in a small capacity and move on like everything is fine, rather than delve into and actually analyse what happened.

CM: In the context of the show, who or what made you think that you need to apologise?
MU: It’s more or less a statement on what that means, I think I use the term “woke mob” like twenty times, a term I find very funny. I’m embodying something, but also I’m putting my own name on it, and I refuse to acknowledge that what I’m saying up there isn’t true or real. Watch the show to find out more!

CM: Are you going to do better in future?
MU: I could probably do better in the future by making a show that’s less conceptually confusing. I hope the Edinburgh Fringe Fest forgives my tough sell of a show!

CM: Next, this is your Edinburgh debut, right? In which case, how and why is this a comeback show?
MU: I think the title itself is already funny within the context of the show and who I am, and I think there’s an added layer to it that I’ve never been here before, especially.

CM: So, what can we expect from ‘Apology Comeback Show’? What topics will you be covering?
MU: I’m not afraid to ‘go there’. I skewer topics like Uber, airplanes and Scooby-Doo. Also I have a chunk about paedophiles.

CM: What kind of audiences do you hope to appeal to with this show? Who do you want to be in your audiences? Is there anyone this show is not suitable for?
MU: I think if you like dark and edgy material but also aren’t lame, you’ll dig it. That being said, my main hope would be that a ton of little kids are in the audience. No parents, just the kids.

CM: Who would you say your influences are, comedic or otherwise?
MU: Steve Martin, Bo Burnham, Anthony Jeselnik, Sarah Silverman, George Lopez, Carlos Mencia, Bill Cosby, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile. You decide which are which!

CM: What made you decide to bring the show to edfringe?
MU: I’ve been obsessed for years, a giant arts festival celebrating comedy isn’t exactly a thing back in the States. Plus, I hated having several thousand dollars lying around. Thought about setting it on fire, but realised I could probably spend a month in Scotland instead.

CM: Have you been to the Fringe before? What expectations do you have of it?
MU: First time here, first time performing overseas in general. I don’t think I have too crazy high expectations; I just want all of my wildest dreams to come true before the month is over.

CM: What are you getting up to in Edinburgh when you are not performing?
MU: I’m trying to check out as many shows as possible. Easier said than done, and also I sleep in late, and also I like hanging out with my friends. So I’ve seen a couple shows so far. Hopefully more on the way. Is Rolf Harris performing or nah?

CM: What will happen to the show after its Edinburgh run? Are you planning to take it elsewhere?
MU: I was touring in the States with it, hope to do more of that and hopefully record it and release it somewhere. Please follow me on social media, come to shows in your area, and then share when it’s released. I need this. Please.

CM: What aims and ambitions do you have for the future, generally?
MU: I’m just a small town kid from South Texas. I just want to make my home, my family and my friends proud. That being said, I would slit any of their throats for a development deal!

Martin Urbano performed ‘Apology Comeback Tour’ at Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2023.

LINKS: linktr.ee/martinurbano | twitter.com/martinurbano