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Lucy Pearman: Maid Of Cabbage (United Agents and Plosive Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 23 August 2017

Lucy Pearman invites a different realm of reality into the room when she performs, and even the relatively subdued pastoral setting of her latest show isn’t free from her personal surrealist comedy brand. Appointed by Lord and Lady Wind (created with perverted puppets and disembodied voices), Pearman’s housemaid is tasked with finding a perfect cabbage. Sequences are filled with energy and plenty of audience interaction: nobody’s safe from Pearman’s unflappable spirit, and her supreme confidence with the crowd saves the show from any potential awkwardness. It’s a shame that the ending feels rushed, offering a fairly underwhelming conclusion. But, despite interruptions by her devilish “bad side”, Pearman’s showmanship makes for a bundle of bizarre fun.

Heroes at Comedy Barrel, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Louise Jones]