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Losing Days (Initiative 26 / Salt ‘n’ Sauce Productions)

By | Published on Wednesday 9 August 2017

Sam Underwood thought his life was great. Sure he was angry, sometimes violent and miserable, but things were… great. Weren’t they? ‘Losing Days’ is a deeply personal story about coming to terms with his diagnosis of bipolar disorder, with all the rage, intensity, energy and depression that involved. It’s also a tale of love, of a relationship tested to its absolute limits. Underwood shouts and gesticulates as though he’s aiming for the back of the circle at some West End theatre. The live musical numbers, all from Frank Turner’s brilliant ‘Tape Deck Heart’ album, can make this feel a little like a clumsy jukebox musical. But Underwood’s fervent energy powers what could otherwise be a simple autobiographical tale.

New Town Theatre, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 3/5