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Lines (Pangean Productions)

By | Published on Saturday 13 August 2016

Lines Ed2016

1.34 million people travel on the London Underground each year. ‘Lines’, a new spoken word play by Ian Horgan, gives us glimpses into the lives of some of these people. Although the show relies on archetypes (‘Homeless Man’, ‘Refugee’), the live guitar music and the deft construction of Horgan’s subtly rhyming script mean it still manages to surprise, and the minimalist set is effective at conjuring up a variety of underground locations. The company is strong and works well together, with Jez Ridley and Adriana Moore’s performances particularly standing out. However, the show lacks forward motion; the connections between the characters could be established earlier. Overall, Pangean Productions delivers a well-crafted ensemble piece, encouraging us to look differently at the people we meet.

Summerhall, until 15 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Hannah Greenstreet]