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Latest venue innovations on the Fringe: Greenside

By | Published on Thursday 6 August 2015

Greenside Team

Each day this week we’re looking at some of the venue innovations that are occurring at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, with the focus today on Greenside.

Celebrating their tenth year running Fringe venues, the team from Greenside – who added a central space on Nicholson Square to their operations just last year – have another new building to run this year, just up the road on Infirmary Street.

“To celebrate our tenth season at the Fringe we’re introducing our newest venue smack bang in the middle of town” confirms Director Darren Neale. “Just off South Bridge on Infirmary Street, it’s going to house our large Forest Theatre, which is a 70 seat theatre space, and our perfectly formed 40 seat Mint Studio. Excitingly, we also have a brand new indoor bar serving Scottish beer and cider, and also Edinburgh tea and coffee, amongst other locally sourced products. And while you’re there you’ll be able peruse our collection of old Fringe posters and play some vintage board games”.

“And as a new adventure for us this year we even have our first site-specific shows” Neale goes on, “‘The Wendy House Trilogy’, which sees Jealous Whale Theatre bring their own performance space to our Infirmary Street venue”.

LINKS: greensidevenue.co.uk