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Kieran Hodgson: Big In Scotland (Berk’s Nest in association with United Agents)

By | Published on Monday 21 August 2023

Kieran Hodgson is Scottish. Well, he isn’t, but he uses the claim to get away with some playful, knowing mockery before telling the story of his adaptation to life up here after taking a part in BBC sitcom ‘Two Doors Down’. Beyond the gags and the phenomenal array of excellent Scottish accents (plus an excellent and superbly deployed Thatcher), his fond underlying observations of our complicated, contradictory wee nation largely rang true to this Scot. Bonus points too for three Gaelic gags, lockdown duolingo paying off nicely. The narrative thread that runs the many truly fantastic bits together is perhaps a wee bit shoogly but, when you’ve talent to burn and gags to drop like this, it hardly matters. Fabulous.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]