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John Kearns takes the Edinburgh Comedy Award

By | Published on Saturday 23 August 2014

Edinburgh Comedy Award

The Edinburgh Comedy Awards have been presented for 2014, with John Kearns taking the overall prize this year, which is quite a rise to the top of the Fringe comedy tree, given he took the Best Newcomer prize at the same awards just last year.

Kearns is quoted by Chortle thus: “I felt I did everything last year and this is crazy. Thank you for these awards, they have changed my life. I quit my job and am now a comedian. I wanted to come back and show I could do it again”. And that, I think, he definitely did.

Kearns is still performing on the Free Fringe, and his win of the overall Comedy Prize is confirmation of just how important the free shows strands at the Festival have now become, especially on the comedy side of the proceedings.

Other Edinburgh Comedy Award winners this year were Alex Edelman who won Best Newcomer, and the Phil Ellis led comedy kids show ‘Funz And Gamez’ which got the Panel Prize.