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Joe Hart: Alpha, Beta, Gamer (Total Comedy)

By | Published on Saturday 19 August 2017

As a reviewer you see so many stand-up and sketch shows that it’s always refreshing to find something a bit different – and a lot of fun. Joe Hart writes his own video games which he invites the audience to play, including his versions of Pong, Space Invaders and Tetris. Around this, Hart entertainingly gives a potted history of video games, reminiscing about how people actually played The Sims and about some of the major bugs in other classic games, bringing a warmth and nostalgia to his show. The most fun is had where the game characters are actually controlled by the audience’s cheering. Even if you’re not normally into video games, this is a highly enjoyable way to spend the early afternoon.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Richard Levinson]